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It is our mission to increase gender diversity and women’s impact through board representation – because it matters and creates value. At SelectionF we are passionate about growing the base of highly qualified female board candidates. We bring together women for increased visibility and skills development.

Uniquely to SelectionF

  • A professional organization with a clear purpose
  • Nordic focus (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland)
  • Representing women from across industry, sector and competency
  • Access to a growing network of candidates and regional partners

SelectionF represents experienced Nordic board candidates with backgrounds from executive roles such as CEO, CXO, Partners and Industry experts. We support our candidates in further developing their board career. We build relations between professional female candidates and result oriented boards.

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SelectionF is passionate about increasing the visibility of highly competent candidates with diverse backgrounds. By joining us, you contribute to the collective effort of empowering people with the right skills in boardrooms, promoting gender equality, and breaking down barriers that hinder women’s progress into power and impact. Together we are stronger – we pave the way not only nationally but also internationally.


SelectionF facilitates networking for experienced board women across the Nordics who share similar goals and aspirations. This can help you exchange knowledge and learn from others and extend your network. Together with our partners we host local, national and Nordic events with both a professional and social dimension.

Skills Development

SelectionF offers various workshops specifically designed to enhance the skills required for effective board work. These events may cover topics that are currently high on the agenda of professional boards. By participating in these workshops, you will both strengthen your existing skills and acquire new ones. We continuously develop our offering based on feedback from our members

Board opportunities

SelectionF builds relations with corporate boards, nomination committees, PE funds, NGOs, and government bodies actively seeking highly competent board members with diverse backgrounds. SelectionF’s network and resources can increase your chances of securing a board position that aligns with your interests and expertise. SelectionF announces board searches when we receive them, and candidates have the opportunity to apply.

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