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For candidates 

How do I become a SelectionF candidate:

You have achieved outstanding results throughout your carrier and have considerable experience with board work via one of the companies or businesses where you have worked in close collaboration with the members of the board or you have been a board member for one or several boards.

You wish to contribute to multiple boards and you have the potential to take on a minimum of 1-3 board positions.

 SelectionF offers our candidates a wide range of benefits. We strive to strengthen our candidates with competency development tools, but also in the form of matchmaking events with chairmen of the boards. 

To become a member of SelectionF follow these simple steps:

Contact SelectionF at or by phone at +45 28 56 55 36. We will screen your CV, and if you meet our requirements, you will receive a link to set up your board profile in our system.

Are you already a SelectionF candidate?

Do you want to update your profile with new experiences, job titles, board positions?

The search in the database is our first tool when we select who to put on the shortlist, so your continuous updating is important.

The registration in the database will take about 15 min. 

If you think you could use help preparing your board CV check out our workshop here regarding Board CV and Personal branding.

Find all our events here 


We support our candidates in their journey towards multiple board positions

Access to search and board positions 

  • active profile in our database with other screened and qualified female board candidates
  • get vacant board positions sent by mail
  • individual search 

Shape and develop your board profile 

  • Workshops redirecting and unleashing talent through  training in personal positioning and branding for boards
  • Support to individual strategic networking
  • Online coaching sessions
  • Board education in collaboration with our partner Birn+Partners
  • Podcast related to relevant themes – 45 minutes podcasts involving 3-4 candidates on relevant board related and strategic topics
  • Personal Profile on our website and LinkedIn
  • Matchmaking events
  • Chairmen’s events
  • Input to searches in the Nordic in cooperation with our partners
  • newsletter
  • articles

How to become a candidate

Contact SelectionF


We will screen your profile

  • board experience

Create a profile in the database

  • active and searchable profile

Active shortlist search

  • Matchmaking