Connecting you with Top Nordic Female Board Candidates

At SelectionF, we represent a large group of accomplished Nordic female board candidates with diverse backgrounds, including executive roles like CEO, CXO, Partners, and industry experts. Our candidates have been personally screened and validated to ensure they have the right competencies and experience

We can help you with

We support you with:

  • You receive a shortlist tailored to your profile requirements
  • Selected from our exclusive group of 500+ carefully screened Nordic candidates
  • You conduct the assessments and interviews yourself

Board clarification + Matchmaking in cooperation with Birn+Partners

  • In depth dialogue on the company’s competency needs
  • SelectionF creates a competency profile
  • We offer access to our 500+ screened candidates
  • We share your notices and postings
  • We handle the communication process with our candidates and applicants
  • We deliver a shortlist of relevant boardroom candidates
  • We present the candidates
  • SelectionF obtains references


I am deeply impressed above the level

To think I’ve been in the industry my whole life and I only knew 1 of the 6 candidates I was introduced to

I am very impressed by the quality of your candidates and the process

SelectionF’s ability to find the required skills was completely spot on

A small selection of our candidates