SelectionF builds bridges between female candidates and the modern boards

At SelectionF we are passionate about growing the base of highly qualified female board candidates in the Nordic region. SelectionF builds bridges between female candidates and the modern boards. SelectionF is a non-profit initiative.
SelectionF mediates the contact between competent and experienced businesswomen with companies, who wish to move with the times. We help boards make the active choice. We operate across the entirety of the Nordics (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and represent over 500 candidates, all of which are personally screened, interviewed and validated, based on competencies and experience. 

The demand for female board candidates has increased exponentially and our demand for candidates are constantly growing. We have placed candidates in companies such as RICE A/S, Nordic Wood Industries and Spectre A/S

We maintain a strong focus on a value-creating board. Based on your own strategic ambition, we offer a professional and structured process to find and identify your next board candidate. SelectionF offers matchmaking, and we can also support initial board clarification, if desired. 

Looking for your next female board member?

A small selection of our candidates


I am deeply impressed with the level of SelectionF candidates

To think I’ve been in the industry my whole life and I only knew 1 of the 6 candidates I was introduced to

I am very impressed by the quality of your candidates and the process

We initially planned to bring on just one new board member, but the quality of candidates presented to us was overwhelmingly good. As a result, we decided to welcome 4 new board members

SelectionF’s ability to find the required skills was completely spot on

Who is behind SelectionF

Sanne Wall-Gremstrup
Chair of the Board

Sanne has more than 20 years of board experience. In addition to her board work, she has worked as a management consultant at Accenture, has been involved in digital start-ups, has been CEO in Danish and foreign organizations and has been involved in a series of transactions. She is now CEO in Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

Jørgen Peter Rasmussen
CEO & Partner

Jørgen has over 30 years of professional experience as a CEO in an international context in global companies across cultures. Industry-wise, he has predominantly worked within Oil Service, Shipping, IT and production – typically male-dominated industries. Here, he has consistently worked to increase diversity in the companies.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Former Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is a board member of SelectionF. She also serves on various corporate boards in Denmark, the UK and the US, such as Vestas, Carsoe and Safelane Global. 

Annette Otto

Annettes knowledge and interest range widely – from digital transformation and technology to acquisitions and crisis management. For the past 13 years, Annette has worked in management boards in larger companies within the IT, retail, telecommunications and construction industries. Annette boards positions are in startups and scaleups as well as larger companies, including Enemærke & Petersen A/S, Innoflow Aps and Aety Aps.

Mie Krog

Mie is a sought-after Danish board member who works as chairman, deputy chairman and member of more than 10 boards in listed and owner-managed companies. The basis for Mie’s board work is a background as Brand, Marketing and Commercial Manager for several of the country’s largest companies – including KiMs, LEGO, JYSK, BILKA and IDdesign.

Helle Ørsted

Helle is partner in Leadership Agents. She was previously managing director of the consulting company Changegroup, and she has years of experience in establishing and running owner-managed companies with a professional board. Helle has extensive experience in the recruitment and talent industry.

Jens Sørensen

Jens Sørensen is CEO and partner in the consulting company TimeGruppen. Since 2014, Jens has been deputy chairman of FSR, Danish Auditors.

Mikkel Birn

Mikkel has a background starting in HR, moving into sales as a consultant and later became sales director, ending as managing director. In 2007 he made a career change into Executive Search, first as a consultant, later as partner, then managing director ending as Group CEO. In 2013 he decided to start his own consultancy company Birn+Partners, which is an international recruitment and consulting firm with more than 60 consultants and partners in 10 countries

Our Partners 


As a global accounting and consulting company EY is committed to supporting diversity in business and has a general focus on supporting the increasing professionalization of all boards. EY supports SelectionF in hosting numerous events where candidates and boards can meet, greet and get aquinted – contributing to one of the largest gaps in the board scene across the Nordics – raising awaness of all the potential women who are ready to serve on boards.


As an international Executive Search and consultancy firm, Birn+Partners is recognized as our preferred partner, and excels in facilitating comprehensive clarifications and searches for C-level and board positions. Additionally, Birn+Partners supports SelectionF in expanding its presence beyond Denmark by leveraging local executive networks and connections

Dansk Industri (DI)

As a member organization of a large share of the danish corporate scene DI is supporting SelectionF in accessing and communicating to active and future oriented boards who are ready to raise the level of diversity through adding or replacing positions with female candidates. SelectionF offers all members of DI access to the database and help in identifying relevant candidates to their defined needs.