Branding & Positioning workshop Oslo

Branding & Positioning workshop Oslo

Through our more than 400 interviews, we have learned that many candidates find it difficult to clearly communicate how they can make a difference on a board and what their personal core narrative is. That is why we would like to offer a workshop on personal branding exclusively for our SelectionF candidates, where we focus on raising the quality of your board narrative in relation to your professional CV, board CV and board interview, and how you communicate your strategic strengths in the best possible way.

Among other things, we will work to clarify the three most important strategic challenges that you will be able to solve in a given company, and how your core narrative becomes clear and concrete through case work

At the workshop we will review
How to make the best board resume
How do you concretize your strategic strengths
Your core narrative – sharp and precise

We prioritize that we are 10-12 for each event, so there will be plenty of time for feedback

Facilitated by Elin Klakken


19. juni 2023


14:00 - 18:00


Birn+Partners Oslo
Sørkedalsveien 6, 0369 Oslo