SelectionF builds bridges between female candidates and the modern boards

At SelectionF we are passionate about growing the base of highly qualified female board candidates in the Nordic region. SelectionF builds bridges between female candidates and the modern boards. SelectionF is a non-profit initiative.
SelectionF mediates the contact between competent and experienced businesswomen with companies, who wish to move with the times. We help boards make the active choice. We operate across the entirety of the Nordics (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) and represent over 400 candidates, all of which are personally screened, interviewed and validated, based on competencies and experience. 

The demand for female board candidates has increased exponentially and our demand for candidates are constantly growing. We have placed candidates in companies such as RICE A/S, Nordic Wood Industries and Spectre A/S

Here at SelectionF, we maintain a strong focus on a value-creating board. Based on your own strategic ambition, we offer a professional and structured process to find and identify your next board candidate. SelectionF offers matchmaking, and we can also support initial board clarification, if desired. 

A small selection of our candidates


I am deeply impressed above the level

To think I’ve been in the industry my whole life and I only knew 1 of the 6 candidates I was introduced to

I am very impressed by the quality of your candidates and the process

It was extremely easy, 30.000 Dkk well spent

SelectionF’s ability to find the required skills was completely spot on