Introduction to Candidates

Experienced boardroom candidates

You have achieved outstanding results throughout your leadership carrier and have considerable experience with board work via, one of the companies or businesses where you have worked in close collaboration with the members of the board or have yourself been a board member for one or more boardrooms. You wish to contribute to more boardrooms and seek to better spotlight their competencies. You have the potential to take on a minimum of 1-3 boardroom positions and are interested in entering candidate positions for future boardrooms.


As a SelectionF subscrier 

SelectionF offers our candidates a wide range of benefits, that not only work to strengthen our candidates with competency development tools, but also in the form of matchmaking events. Even if you do not wish to become a member, you still have the option to be included in the database, though without the following benefits and opportunities listed below. By being a candidate and paying 3588 + VAR for one year we can offer the all the valuable offers listed below.

To become a member of SelectionF follow these simple steps

Contact SelectionF through email at sns@selectionf.com or by phone at +45 28 56 55 36. After which you will receive a link to set up your boardroom profile that you will fill out.

How to become a candidate

Contact SelectionF

  • sns@selectionf.com

we screen your profile

  • Board experience

You set up your profile in our database

  • active and searchable profile

Shortlist Search

  • Matchmaking